Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources
Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
Power Saving is Power Generation,   Use Energy Saving Bulb,    Save Energy, Save Nation

Electricity Week


The idea of meeting energy needs by energy saving and energy efficiency is the good option, instead of increasing energy production. In one way it avoids the cost of extra production of electricity and also a solution for environmental pollution, global warming, energy security and conventional fuel depletion. It is a cost-effective option rather generation of electricity. Energy saving is a matter of practice. Just to change our attitude, a good amount of energy can be saved. So awareness raising program is very much needed for energy efficiency. Motivation should starts from children to adult citizen of the country.

As a part of motivation program on energy saving, Power Division initiated the Electricity Week Program countrywide from 2010. It is a week-long program where the energy saving issue is one of the main focuses of the week. To spread the message of energy saving, essay competition on energy saving issue is arranged at the school level. Competition is held at Upazial, Zila , Divisional level, and finally at National level.

To generate the attitude of energy saving at consumer’s level, the domestic, commercial and industrial consumers are awarded at national level. The consumers are also awarded prize at Upazial , Zila and Divisional level to encourage a good number of consumers. The program included holding of rallies, exhibitions, views-exchange meetings, cultural shows, distribution of posters among other events.

Dhaka was first lighted on 7th December in 1901 by Late Nawab Khaja Ahasanullah. To commemorate this incident, 7-11 December has been selected for the observance of Electricity Week.

The other objective of the Electricity Week, is to improve the quality of the service provided by the utilities. In this regard, different officers and employees are awarded for their best performance. Awards are also given - for best power unit, best project director, best reporting, best research etc.

Electricity Week 2011


    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week    

Electricity Week 2010


Central level program

  • Rally
  • Inauguration of Electricity week
  • Distribution of awards
  • Roads and Islands decoration

Field level program

  • Essay competition
  • Rally
  • Inauguration of Electricity week
  • Seminars
  • Setting up One Point Service Center for customer service
  • Electricity fare, setting up stalls, display energy efficient equipments
  • Disconnect unauthorized electrical connection
  • Collection of outstanding bills

Areas of awards

  1. Award for Best Power Personnel
  2. Award for Best Project Director
  3. Award for Best Power Unit Award
  4. Award for Best Reporting in Press Media
  5. Award for Best Reporting in Electronic Media
  6. Award for Best Energy Efficient Consumers (domestic, commercial, industrial use)
  7. Award for Best Essay Competition at school level
  8. Award for Best Research in Power & Energy


EW Award Winner : National Electricity Week 2010

Best Power Personnel

  1.  (Officer) -     Md. Akhtarul Islam, Manager (Management), 1-4 Unit, Ghorashal Byduth kendro,,  Polash, Narsingdi. BPDB
  2.  (Staff) -         Md. Shamim Ahmed, Electrician- C, Sales & Distribution Division,  Lalmonirhat. BPDB
  3.  (Officer)  -    Mr. Sha Julfiker P - Eng, General Manager, Narayanganj PBS, Sonargoan, Narayanganj,REB
  4.  (Staff)    -     Amena Begum, Billing Supervisor, Chittagong PBS-1, Patia, Chittagong ,REB
  5.  (Officer)  -   Mr. Md. Rohim Ullah Chowdhury , Junior Assistant Manager NOCS Kajal DPDC
  6.  (Staff)     -   Mr. Md. Khorshed Alam, Line Man,  NOCS, Azimpur DPDC
  7.  (Officer) -   Eng. Mohammed Moinuddin Khan. Deputy Manager(System Operation) S.&D Gulshan Division DESCO
  8.  (Staff)    -    Mrs.  Farida Farbin, Junior Assistant Manager, Head Office, DESCO.
  9.  (Officer)  -  Mr. Md. Abu Raihan, Deputy Manager, System Protection  & Monitoring Division, Ishwardi Pabna, PGCB
  10.  (Staff)    -    Mr. Md. Humayan  Kabir , Foreman Grade-4, Comilla (South) 230 KV  Grid Sub-station, Grid Maintenance Division,  Comilla PGCB
  11.  (Officer)  -  Mr. Md. A.K.M. Manjur Kader, Manager (Technical), EGCB.
  12.  (Staff)     -  Mr. Md. Saifur  Rahman, Office Assistant, EGCB.
  13.  (Officer)  - Mr. Md. Saifur  Rahman, Senior Eng. Turbine Maintenance Division,  APSCL.
  14.  (Staff)   -    Mr. Shonkor Chandro Dus Junior Foreman, Turbine Maintenance Division. APSCL.
  15.  (Officer)  - Mr. S.M. Abul Kalam Azad, Junior Assistant Manager, Sales & Distribution  Division-4, Khulna,  WZPDC
  16.  (Staff)  -     Mr. Md. Dulal Hassain, Line Man-‘A’ Sales & Distribution  Division-2, Khulna, WZPDC

Best Power Unit, BPDB

  1. Best Power Production Unit.-  Barisal gas  turbine electric unit, Barisal, PDB
  2. Best Power Distribution Unit- Sales & Distribution Division, Khulshi, PDB
  3. Best Electric Distribution unit- Zone, Distribution ,Chittagong, PDB 

Best Power Unit, REB

  1. Best Power Production Unit:  .Mymensingh  210 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant, RPCL, REB
  2. Best Power Distribution Unit:  PBS - 1, Dhaka Palashbari, Nobinogar, Savar, Dhaka, REB

Best Power Unit, DPDC

  1. Best Power Distribution Unit-  NOCS Shampur, DPDC 

Best Power Unit, DESCO

  1. Best Power Distribution Unit - Gulshan Sales & Distribution Division, DESCO

Best Power Unit, PGCB

  1. Best Transmission Unit - Grid Maintenance Division , Bogra, PGCB

Best Power Unit, WZPDC

  1. Best Power Distribution Unit-  Mongla Electric Supply WZPDC

Best Power Unit, APSCL

  1. Best Power Distribution Unit-  Electric Production Unit No-5, APSCL.

Best Project Director

  1. Mr. Jalal Uddin Ahmed Chowdhury,  Kornophuly Hydro power Unit-3 Rehabilitation, PDB 

Best Research in Power & Energy

  1. Mr. Kamrul Ahashan, Professor and Leader, Electrical and Electronic Engineering  Division, BUET.

Best Essay Competition at school level

  1. 1st position :    Shaila Sharin, Father  – Md. Harun ,Barisal Model School and  College, Barisal.
  2. 2nd position - Dipannoi  Das Guptto, Father’s –Ripon Das Guptto. , Collegiate High School Chittagong.
  3. 3rd position -  Rehana Khatun, Father’s – Md. Abdul Wahab, BPDB High School, Bhagabari, Sylhet Sador, Sylhet.

Best Reporting in Press Media


  1. Mr. Arun Karmoker , Daily Protom Alo

Best Reporting in Electronic Media

  1. Mr. Borhanul Hoque Somrat, ATN News

Best Energy Efficient Consumers, PDB

  1. Residential:  Dr. Abdullah Al Mamun, Account No-A/9569, Ashugonj , B-baria,                         
  2. Commercial:  Md. Sirajul Hoque, Account No-E/347, Raillbazar, Lalmonirhat,                         
  3. Industrial:  Jamuna Fertilizer, Account No-H/06, Tarakandi, Jamalpur,

Best Energy Efficient Consumers, REB 

  1. Residential:  Mr. Enamul Hoque Babul, Account No - 050-1508, Noapara,  Aboynagor, Jessore,
  2. Commercial :  Mr. Ainul Hoque, Account No – 036-1970, Gosaibari, Sherpur, Dunat, Bogra,
  3. Industrial :  Mr. Md. Johirul Islam, Account No – 341-2565, Bazbe, Duptara, Narayangonj,

Best Energy Efficient Consumers, DPDC

  1. Residential:  Begum Rezina Shikder, Account No–27967, NOCS Jigatola,
  2. Commercial:  Mr. Mizanur Rahman, Account No–5745, NOCS  Kazla,  Qutubkhali, Jatrabari, Dhaka,  

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week    

Electricity Week 2012


    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week   

    Energy week    

Electricity Week 2013

RvZxq we`y¨r mßvn-2013 Dcj‡¶¨  wbe©vwPZ †miv cÖwZ‡hvMx‡`i ZvwjKv


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1|      cÖ_g¯’vb AwaKvix

          mvDweq wek¦vm (mvwb)

RxebbMi _vbv cvBjU gva¨wgK evwjKv we`¨vjq


2|      wØZxq¯’vb AwaKvix

          Kvgi“j nvQvb bIkv`

DËiv nvB ¯‹zj GÛ K‡jR


3|      Z…Zxq¯’vb AwaKvix

‰mKZ `vm

iscyi wRjv ¯‹zj

2| †miv wcÖ›U/ B‡jKUªwbK cyi¯‹vi


4|   ‡miv cwÎKv wi‡cvwU©s cyi¯‹vi

        Rbve iwk` gvgyb

        ‰`wbK RbKÚ



5|   ‡miv B‡jKUªwbK wi‡cvwU©s cyi¯‹vi

        Rbve Aveyj Kvjvg AvRv`

        mgq wUwf



3| ‡miv M‡elYv Kvh©µg cyi¯‹vi

6|  †miv M‡elYv Kvh©µg

R¡vjvwb M‡elYv I Dbœqb Bbw÷wUDU(AvBGdAviwW) wewmGmAvBAvi Gwjd¨v›U †ivW, XvKv,


4| †miv †emiKvix we`y¨r Drcv`b D‡`¨v³v/cÖwZôvb


7| †miv †emiKvix we`y¨r Drcv`b D‡`¨v³v/cÖwZôvb


5| ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK, evwYwR¨K, wkí)

we`y¨r Dbœqb †evW©

8|      ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (wkí)

          Rbve G.‡K. Gg byi“j nK

          e¨e¯’vcbv cwiPvjK, mvb‡UK GbvwR© wjt

          wnmve bs- Gd/200065, wewewe-2, wm‡jU

9|      ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (evwYwR¨K)

          Rbve †gvZvnvi †nv‡mb †PŠayix

          wnmve bs-B/5145, †m›Uªvj †ivW, iscyi


10|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK)

          evey nwic` mvnv

          wnmve bs-G/09271, evkcvov †KvqvU©vi, †dbx



cj­x we`y¨Zvqb †evW©

11|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (wkí)


12|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (evwYwR¨K)


13|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK)




14|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (wkí)

          ‡R GÛ †R c­vwóK BÛvwóªR wjt

          123 gv‡R` miKvi †ivW

          eskvj, GbIwmGm eskvj, wWwcwWwm


15|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (evwYwR¨K)

          Rbve gxi †gvnv¤§` AvnQvbDj­vn †di‡`Šm

          487 bqv‡Uvjv, gMevRvi, XvKv, GbIwmGm gMevRvi, wWwcwWwm


16|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK)

          ‡eMg byi“bœvnvi

          wgRwgwR Kv›`vcvov, wmw×iMÄ, XvKv, GbIwmGm  wmw×iMÄ, wWwcwWwm



17|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (wkí)

          Sonofi AventsBAngladesh Ltd.

          Tongi 1/A, Tongi Gazipur

          Account No: 37143411


18|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (evwYwR¨K)

          Gb.GBP. †UªwWs K‡c©v‡ikb

          K-32/5/we, kvnRv`cyi, evÇv, XvKv

          wnmve bs: 33032778

19|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK)

          Rbve ew`Di ingvb

          evmv bs-8, †ivW bs-2, iƒcbMi AvevwmK GjvKv

          wgicyi, XvKv



20|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (wkí)


21|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (evwYwR¨K)


22|    ‡miv we`y¨r MÖvnK (AvevwmK)



6| ‡miv cÖKí cwiPvjK cyi¯‹vi

23|  †miv cÖKí cwiPvjK

      Rbve KvRx BmwZqvK nvmvb

     Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh(Bheramara)

     and India (Bahrampur)     


7| ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©x cyi¯‹vi

we`y¨r Dbœqb †evW©

24|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

          Rbve †gvt kwdK DwÏb

          cwiPvjK(ZË¡veavqK cÖ‡KŠkjx)

bevqb‡hvM¨ R¡vjvwb Ges M‡elYv I Dbœqb cwi`ßi

weD‡ev, XvKv

25|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix

          Rbve †gvt kwdKzj Bmjvg

          ‡dvig¨vb-wW (UvievBb), 1-4 bs BDwbU, †Nvovkvj

          we`y¨r †K›`ª, weD‡ev, cjvk, biwms`x



cj­x we`y¨Zvqb †evW©

26|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v


27|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix


28|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

          Rbve †gvt KzZze-Dj-Avjg

          wbe©vnx cÖ‡KŠkjx GbIwmGm, avbgwÛ, wWwcwWwm


29|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix

          Rbve †gvt Avãyj nvB

          K¨vej R‡q›Uvi, AvÛvi MÖvDÛ (b_©), wWwcwWwm        



30|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

          cÖ‡KŠ: mv¾v` bvRgyj Avjg (AvBwW bs-471)

          Dc-wefvMxq cÖ‡KŠkjx, AvBwmwU, †Wm‡Kv

31|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix

          Rbve †gvt †gvRv‡¤§j nK (AvBwW bs-850)

          wK¬wbK mnKvix, cÖkvmb wefvM, †Wm‡Kv        


32|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

33|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix




34|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

          Rbve Avey Ckv †gvt mv‡R` Av‡iwdb

          Dc-e¨e¯’vcK, wm‡÷g cÖ‡UKkb GÛ wgUvwis mv‡K©j, XvKv

35|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix

          Rbve †gvt kvn Avjg

‡dvig¨vb-3, ivgcyiv 230 wKwf MÖxW Dc‡K›`ª, XvKv  



36|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

          Rbve †gvt bvRgyj Avjg

          ZË¡veavqK cÖ‡KŠkjx

          nwicyi 360 †gt It K.mv.we.†K wbg©vY cÖKí

37|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix

          Rbve †gvt i“ûj Avgxb

          Bby÷ª‡g›U †UKwbwkqvb


38|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

39|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix


40|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©KZ©v

41|    ‡miv we`y¨r Kg©Pvix


8| ‡miv we`y¨r BDwbU cyi¯‹vi

we`y¨r Dbœqb †evW©

42|    ‡miv we`y¨r Drcv`b †K›`ª

          evNvevox 171 †gt It M¨vm UvievBb we`y¨r †K›`ª

43|    ‡miv we`y¨r weZiY BDwbU

          KvßvB we`y¨r mieivn, weD‡ev, KvßvB, iv½vgvwU

44|    ‡miv we`y¨r weZiY AÂj

          weZiY `w¶YvÂj, weD‡ev, PUªMÖvg


cj­x we`y¨Zvqb †evW©

45|    ‡miv we`y¨r weZiY BDwbU



46|    ‡miv we`y¨r weZiY BDwbU

          GbIwmGm Kgjvcyi, wWwcwWwm        


47|    ‡miv we`y¨r weZiY BDwbU

          weµq I weZiY wefvM

          evwiaviv, †Wm‡Kv



48|    †miv we`y¨r weZiY BDwbU



49|    ‡miv we`y¨r mÂvjb BDwbU



9| ‡miv we`y¨r BDwbU (miKvix †Kv¤úvbx)


50|    ‡miv we`y¨r BDwbU

we`y¨r Drcv`b BDwbU bs-4

AvïMÄ cvIqvi †÷kb †Kv¤úvbx wjt

AvïMÄ, eªv²Yevwoqv


       Energy week       Energy week   Energy week   Energy week   Energy week          Energy week       


LAST 7 DAYS 4658
LAST 30 DAYS 19024
LAST YEAR 176586
TOTAL 312146


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