Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources
Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
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Bangladesh, with its 152 million people in a land mass of 147,570 sq km,  has shown tremendous growth in recent years.  A booming economic growth, rapid urbanization and  increased industrialization and development  has increased the country's demand for electricity. Presently, 68% of the total population (including renewable energy) has access to electricity and per capita generation is 348 kWH, which is very low compared to other developing countries.  more...

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While the power sector in Bangladesh has witnessed many success stories in the last couple of years, the road that lies ahead is dotted with innumerable challenges that result from the gaps that exist between what’s planned versus what the power sector has been able to deliver. There is no doubt that the demand for electricity is increasing rapidly with the improvement of living standard, increase of agricultural production, progress of industries as well as overall development of the country. more...


Power Grid Company of Bangladesh is a public limited company registered under companies Act and incorporated in November, 1996 with an authorized capital of Tk. 10 billion. It is entrusted with the responsibility to operate the national power grid and to develop and expand the same with efficiency. PGCB has taken over all transmission assets from BPDB and DESA on 30.12.02. more...


Because of major reforms, restructuring and corporatization process of Bangladesh power sector, a number of distribution entities were formed with the objective of bringing commercial environment including increase of efficiency, accountability and dynamism with the aim of reaching electricity to all citizens by 2021. more...



In spite of financial constraints and gas supply shortages, the government designed a strategy to overcome the crisis and at the same time meet the ever increasing demand for power. It launched immediate, short, medium and long term programs to increase power supply through introduction of fuel mix (gas, coal, liquid fuel, nuclear energy and renewable), demand side management, energy efficiency and conservation. After assessing the latest demand, the government has revised its targets for increasing power generation. The year-wise details of the additional power generation programs, both in public and private, are listed below:

Plants Commissioned During 2009 – December  2013                      (MW)

YEAR 2009  2010  2011  2012  2013 TOTAL 
Public   255 800 607 587 2249
Private 356 520 963 344 76
Power Import
Total 356 775 1763 951 1163 5008

* From January to June 2014: Total 407 MW of capacity Power Plants comissioned.

Calendar Year Wise  Generation Addition program (From 2014 to 2018) (MW)

YEAR 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 TOTAL
Public 225 1293 1475 2131
1320 6444
Private 1024 1218 1014 640 630
Total 1249 2511 2489 2771 1950 10970



ADB has launched the Asia Solar Energy Forum (ASEF) as part of broader initiative to accelerate development of solar energy to their partners countries. During ASEF's inaugural meeting held in Manila on 5-6 July 2010, Hon'ble Adviser to the Prime Minister Dr. Taufiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury (BB) emphasized the need to undertake 500 MW Solar Power Development Program in Bangladesh with the active support from ADB. more...



LAST 7 DAYS 4360
LAST 30 DAYS 18726
LAST YEAR 176288
TOTAL 311848


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